Re: IFR Certifiacation For Homebuilt

Terry Yake <TERRY200TY@...>

Timothy Freeze wrote:

I'm putting the finishing touches on a Cozy III and should have my
airworthiness inspection in a few weeks. I want the IFR certification so
what do I have to do? Is it just get the pitot static test and transponder
check? And should this be done prior to the airworthiness inspection?

Thanks in advance...tim

If the plane is equipped to fly IFR, then just do it. You need the transponder and pitot system checked every 2 years anyway (or, at least the xpdr).

The only issue is if there is a desire to fly IFR using GPS. Then, as the manufacturer you can do that too. But as a precaution, I had the FSDO come out and look it over.



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