Defiant 40th Anniversary, AirVenture 2018

Jim Rodrian

Burt’s Defiant (N78RA) first flight was 40 years ago.   


EAA is promoting the 40th Anniversary of the Defiant at Oshkosh this year.  For starters, there is a webpage as part of the AirVenture website.  Use this webpage to register your aircraft if you plan to attend AirVenture 2018.  (    


EAA will provide a “reserved parking” area for Defiants. 


Additional Defiant specific events will be announced prior to the start of Oshkosh.  If you have an idea for a Defiant event at Oshkosh, send an e-mail to me (Jim.Rodrian@...) and I will work with EAA and/or Defiant pilots to find out what can be arranged.


Let’s set an Oshkosh record and have more than seven Defiants at Oshkosh this year!


Jim Rodrian

Defiant N403R




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I was just reading the current issue of Sport Aviation. It includes a few paragraphs about the “Anniversary”planes that will be featured at AirVenture 2018, 50th, 40th anniversary, etc. Burt’s Defiant, N78RA, first flight was 40 years ago this June. How many Defiant’s can we have at Oshkosh this summer?

Jim R

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