Tom Staggs

There has been little to no message traffic about folks coming to Arlington this year. I was wondering if anyone will be there Thursday evening and would want to fly out some place for dinner. If you are interested, please reply and I will head up there (I am based at Paine Field, about 15 nm away).

The weather looks promising, although I hear that Tim "Dark Cloud" Sullivan is coming, so all bets are off. <grin>. Seriously, the forecast is Thursday - 83 & Sunny, Friday - 77 & Partly Cloudy, Saturday - 73 & Partly cloudy.

Arlington is still a relaxing weekend to meet up with friends and make new ones. I certainly is not the major event it was 20 years ago, but it is still a fun time and the area provides some beautiful scenery.

I hope that some of you will make the trek up here to enjoy it.

Tom Staggs
Long-EZ N13YV
2,300 hrs

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