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Marc J. Zeitlin

Curt Boyll wrote:

Flying the 135 kt route at 2,300 ft includes being sent to Runway 36. I believe it is not possible for FISK and the Tower to put you on 9/27 if you fly the 135 kt/2,300 ft approach. (Correct me if I’m wrong about this.)

You're wrong about this :-) - Any runway is possible from the high approach. I've been sent to 36, 18 and 27.
IMHO, you DO NEED to be able to fly your airplane slowly, if this is required by ATC.

True, but you are not required to do anything that ATC tells you if you determine that you can't do it SAFELY. You should not say "unable" willy-nilly, but you should be willing to say it if safety requires it. Worst case, you break out, circle Rush or Green Lake (or head southeast on the departure course) and head back to Ripon for another try.

Steve Harmon wrote:

I am hoping for runway 36 it would be the best no taxing on grass.

Yep. That's certainly the best if you're going to HBC and if you know that 36 is being used but they send you to 27 for whatever reason, you can request 36 if you can get a word in edgewise. They're usually good about it.

I have never come up on a airport at 135 Knts. I always slow down a couple of miles out to 90 to get my gear down.

There's time - generally, if going to 36, they'll turn you 45 degrees to the right to follow the eastbound road and you've got five miles between Fisk and the turn to 36 final to slow down to 80 KIAS and descend 500 ft. into the lower flow - they'll tell you who to follow. Chop the throttle and put out both rudders if you need to - it's not hard to get to a reasonable speed and altitude in the space allowed. Slip if you need to (and we should all be practicing slips in our planes on general principle). I've never needed the rudders or a slip - just the throttle reduction has always been more than adequate.

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