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Stephen is being “negative” because history has shown that companies going after these specialized aviation designs never deliver.  There are many gullible people in this world, and if he isn’t negative they may wind up putting deposits on something that will never go into production and/or fly.  So I wouldn’t say Stephen is negative. I’d say he’s critical for the sake of others.


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Why so negative, Stephen?  Did Icon stay in stealth mode until they had over 1000 flights logged and a well-developed design?


Currently there are several dozen other companies working on designs for similar missions, and they are all talking a lot and most have not even flown yet.


I like the beauty and simplicity of this design and wish them all the best.


Matt Overholt


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Record breaking flight capabilities, no license and low low prices..... looks like the Icon Marketing team got themselves a new client!


This will be another design that’s all talk. Or if it does eventually go on sale it will be another company that can not deliver on the aircraft it takes orders for ( at a price that will be at least 5x what they claim right now)






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This machine is supposed to be at OSH this year... Its touting a 25 mile range, I'm just wondering if there will be a recharging station where ever you decide to land....Cool flight characteristics though. Price is supposed to be around the same as a high end SUV.....No pilots license required.
vance atkinson

Watch the video.....

Opener Reveals Ultralight eVTOL


Kate O'Connor



After nine years of covert development and testing, California-based Opener Inc. revealed what it is calling the world’s first ultralight fixed-wing, all-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft on Thursday. According to the company, the amphibious BlackFly has already completed more than 1,000 flights and flown over 10,000 miles. As an ultralight, the single-seat aircraft does not require an FAA certificate to operate.

“Safety has been our primary driving goal in the development of this new technology,” said Opener CEO Marcus Leng. “Even though not required by FAA regulations, BlackFly operators will be required to successfully complete the FAA Private Pilot written examination and also complete company-mandated vehicle familiarization and operator training.” The aircraft has a ballistic parachute option and is geofence-compatible.

In terms of performance, the BlackFly has a range of up to 25 miles with reserves. In the U.S., its top speed has been regulation-limited to 62 MPH, although the company says the design is capable of speeds greater than 80 MPH. Its maximum payload is 250 pounds with an empty weight of 313 pounds. Opener says the BlackFly is capable of recharging up to 80 percent of its power in less than 30 minutes. The company has not yet announced a price or when they expect to begin deliveries, but it will be displaying the BlackFly at AirVenture this year.


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