Re: COZY: 90 or 130 kts


I just tell them unable!

On Jul 16, 2018, at 8:30 AM, Nick U <unick3@...> wrote:

Tim, I am with you on NOT taxing on the grass.   

A few years ago the ground people directed me on the grass and I ignorantly complied.  The ground was really rough and I ended up taxing into a nice hole which broke one of my wheel pants.   I have never allowed the ground crews to direct me into a grass taxiway again.   If your adamant and refuse to comply as PIC they will always shift you to a hard surface.  I now carry an addition sign in the plane, “NO GRASS TAXI” every time I fly into OSH just in case...

Nick Ugolini

LongEZ N29TM  3060+ hrs
Charleston, SC  
Building a Cozy 3, former owner of a Varieze and Cozy 4   

Selling:  Canard Fuel Probes

On Jul 16, 2018, at 11:02 AM, Tim Sullivan <timpvf@...> wrote:
Ground guys are telling me to pull off into the grass on the left, I’m pointing to the taxiway on the right. They keep shaking their heads no. I’m still pointing, their are still shaking. Argh. Alright I go left. Six feet past the edge of pavement I’m stuck in the muck. Oh, did I mention it rained pretty good the night before? So 20 minutes later and a dozen CAP and they lift and push me back in the runway so I could go over to the taxiway I had pointed to in the first place. This should have been no surprise to the ground crew because about 200 yards prior was a 310 stuck deep into the muck. 

Lessons learned, have both freqs loaded up in the radio. As It was said before PIC don’t pull into the grass. 

Tim Sullivan, Placerville CA

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