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Elwood Johnson

Flew in to OSH 15 times and have used both 90 and 130 kt n directed to all except can’t remember landing 36L. I only rejected one landing instruction in all those years. 

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It is possible, they put me on 27 last year from 2300 feet!

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Flying the 135 kt route at 2,300 ft includes being sent to Runway 36. I believe it is not possible for FISK and the Tower to put you on 9/27 if you fly the 135 kt/2,300 ft approach. (Correct me if I’m wrong about this.)

Keep in mind that even when you fly the 135 kt approach, FISK may still decide to put you behind VERY SLOW traffic, if that’s what they decide is necessary. In 2017, at 2,300 ft and 135 kts, I was not even close to FISK when they said, “Canard, turn right and get behind the two biplanes.” … which they also directed East over Fisk Boulevard and toward the 36 runways. 

I managed to slow down from 135 kts to 75 kts in about 90 seconds, mostly because it did not involve descending at this point. I spoke to one of the biplane pilots the next day, and he confirmed, “Yup, 75 knots is the best we can do."

IMHO, you DO NEED to be able to fly your airplane slowly, if this is required by ATC.

(Warning: Video view rotates 90 degrees to the right at the far end of the runway, halfway through the video. This may be disconcerting.)

Curt Boyll
canards, colorado

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Well I have read the notam several times.   Familiarized myself with all the approaches the 18 lr page 11 seems to be the most complicated landing over runway 9-27.
I am hoping for runway 36 it would be the best no taxing on grass.  I have never come up on a airport at 135 Knts. I always slow down a couple of miles out to 90 to get my gear down.   I hand crank and above 100 knots it is a bear cranking it down.   I will try and get there about 8:00 in the morning Saturday weather permitting I am hoping it will be less crowded.  I know a huge mass flight of some spam cans is supposed to arrive at 11:00 Saturday morning so coming later is a bad idea. See you all in Oshkosh.
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