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Cheers - Walt

Hey Bill: (et-all)

I have the issue in question, and can scan it (as attachments) directly into

Let me know if this is desireable. Besides, I need a break from building
!$$&^@# models for my engine cowling molds.

Foster Hancock

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Subject: [c-a] INCREDIBLE EZE

Do you want someone to send you a copy of the article or do you just want
the issue date? It is in the June 2000 issue of Sport Aviation. If you
want a copy I can do that for you. Let me know.

Bill Theeringer

Message text written by "Don Jones"
Would someone who can please send me a copy of the article on Klaus's
Incredible Eze out of Sport Aviation. I can't seem to put my hands on
the correct issue. Thanks, Don Jones Vari 300DJ<

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