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I made my nose snubber out of 1 1/4 inch thick piece of Micarta. Material shapes well using a belt sander. I was able to form to a very nice aerodynamic shape, plus you can feather and fill with micro. Also takes paint well. Held in place on an easily built hard-point made with glass, held in place with SS counter sunk screws and nuts. 

Ron Montgomery

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Has anyone geared up on a puck made from aramid fiber or something like Cordura in a toughened epoxy (like West G/Flex 650)?   

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... Some have tried roller skate (more recently roller blade) wheels, which do not allow you to roll along until you stop as guessed - they just grind down like other hard stuff - and who wants to park on a rolling wheel?  ...

I wonder how an off road inline wheel would do, assuming you had the space/weight to package something like these:

The small wheels there are just under 6" in diameter. They're also very narrow for minimal frontal area. Leave 1" protruding beyond the skin and then  could then cover it with a nicely shaped maple block for parking. That's a significant object to bury into the nose and I've no idea off the plans in my head if there's enough room. 

There's the obvious issue of spending more energy prepping for an accident rather than preventing it in the first place. Talk is still cheap. 

More than you ever wanted to know...


It's greatly appreciated. 

Adam Jordan

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