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Basically the same as the one we built. Sometimes the Cessna cartridges are backordered.

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They do not need to be heated but are designed for a Cessna heater in the event you are flying in rain or any type of visible moisture. They get floxed in. see attached information.

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That looks like some very nice work!  Can you please provide some mounting details?  I am already plumbed... including my pitot tube and these may thread right in.

What heating element do you recommend?

Also.... why would a canard aircraft need a heated pitot tube?  Are there conditions where the pitot might freeze up, but the canard remains free of ice and the airplane still flies OK?  This is not an argumentative question... just wondering.


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I have 6 Pitot tubes left over sitting on the bench from when I made a batch a year ago. Looking to get rid of them. All you need to do is purchase the heating element. Pitot Tubes are $80.00 each. I will not be making any more of these. 

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