Re: COZY: First fuel in the Tanks

jack hohner

I always like to add to this thread when it comes up.

Yes...ethanol can dissolve epoxy.  Not always but sometimes.  That entire issue is pretty complicated and I don't want to repeat the idiosyncrasies here again.  Just avoid the ethanol spiked gas. 

Also, please research and educate your self on life time self cleaning automobile gas filters.  They cured the fuel injector problems of the 1980's.  They look like a wire mesh supported sock and go inside the tank.  They can save your life.  After a long battle with continuous fuel contamination problems I installed one in my sport plane I designed and built.  I haven't had a problem since.  They are an ingenious design and solution.  You could leave all the fiberglass and foam saw crap from installing your fuel gas cap in the tank and they would still not let any debris pass out of your tank, or restrict gas flow- for the life of your airplane!

Jack Hohner
Spokane, WA 

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