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Tom Smith <TRCSmith@...>

I've been using auto gas over 18 years. Nothing to report at this time.

Tom SmithΒ  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS

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Just a data point, again, I have had post-cured EZ-Poxy (cured with EZ-87 hardener) on a few plies of BID soaking in nasty car gas in a glass jar for going on 30 years now, with no discernable change in characteristics (no change in stiffness, no tackyness, etc.).Β  3-lb H45 foam in the same sample has swelled slightly on the face in contact with the fuel, but aside from that, the foam has not changed/degraded.Β  2-lb urethane is unaffected.Β  Gas is changed every 6 months or so.

With apologies to Johnny Carson, the jar is not a "mayonaise jar sitting on the front porch of Funk & Wagnalls", but I don't think that would change the results.

-Joe Person

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