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ADSB-B in is NOT a waste of money to all, maybe for some but most would agree that it sure is nice to have on short and long trips. I have the dynon system and love it. It's great selecting the weather for a distance airport to get winds and BP... also on xcountry I have used it to get around bad weather that I would have had to stop enroute to check or nagging ATC.
Sorry, it's great to have when you need it. Just my 2 cents your free to differ.....

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS

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I thought I made the point.   I'll try again.

A new ADS-B "in" unit is a waste of money;
it just is not going to do the job,
at least in the west where coverage is spotty.

IF you are going to fly anywhere, anytime
you should spend the money to get some
kind of complete in and out ADS-B unit..

I am ordering a uAvionix pair:
 EchoUAT plus Skyfyx

That is the simplest, cheapest way to get it done.

There is a waiting list at the local avionics shop for
months to get Garmin, Lynx or other units installed.


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Your message response isn’t very helpful or constructive.
You don’t mention the brand or model numbers of the units you purchased.  You don’t mention why “YOU” are having trouble with them and why they aren’t performing for “YOU”. 
I did note that it appeared you said you couldn’t use the “IN” products because they didn’t have WAAS?  Huh?  A WAAS gps is required for ADS-B out!!!
Maybe it would be better is you just asked for a little help with the ADS-B models you’ve purchased, instead of disparaging the ENTIRE “ADS-B in” product set.
I’ve personally owned one from Uavionix and Foreflight and built a number of them based on the Raspberry Pi.  They all worked perfectly!
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DO NOT get ADS-B "in"     Waste of money.
Frankly I think their manufacturing or importing should be illegal.
I bought a unit because I thought is was a good idea.
A year or so later they had an improved version.
I bought it.
They now have a 3rd version.  I did NOT buy it.
I am getting the "in and out" unit.   I cannot use either
"in" unit because they don't have WAAS.
The 2 "in" units might be good paperweights, but that is all.
Bruce Hughes
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I have heard the may stories of how people with ADS-B out have been easily identified and caught doing stupid things regarding airspace. However, if someone busts airspace or does something that is unsafe and is identified by their ADS-B signature, maybe they shouldn't be in the air with those of us that tend to follow the rules? In 31 years of flying I have never busted airspace or had the FAA contact me for an unsafe action. I also fly out of, around and through airspace that is extremely congested (Detroit Metro)
ADS-B in and out is like having a second set of eyes that can see through clouds, look under an
d over the aircraft in the areas of obstructed view. The system provides free weather and a sense of awareness that only the multi million dollar aircraft owners in the past could afford. I like to know how many aircraft are in the traffic pattern that I'm about to enter. In addition, I also like knowing what aircraft are around me while flying in and around the Detroit Metro Class B, Detroit city class D, The Air National Guard Base and along the international Canadian border. It provides me with a complete overview of who I need to avoid and it allows other aircraft with ADS-B IN to be aware of my flight path.
Everyone is making a big deal out of spending a few thousand dollars for this new Incredible technological system. Vir
tually every single EXPERIMENTAL aircraft can have ADS-B IN and OUT of around 3 thousand dollars. That is extremely affordable considering the same systems 20 years ago would have bee in excess of 100K. I didn't like spending the money either. However, I am glad I did and hope everyone else does eventually. It's like owning a boat, if you can't afford the fuel to enjoy it, don't purchase one. An aircraft is the exact same. Safety is the first priority in the hobby each of us chose. As technology improves, the cost of keeping up with it does as well. 
ADS-B IN is available for a few hundred dollars! Should you choose to not install ADS-B OUT, just stay clear of the congested airspace that requires the technology.  But k
eep in mind, the only reason you can enjoy the use of ADS-B in is because of the aircraft owners that invested in the ADS-B out capability!
Phil Camarda

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