Re: Yorba Linda plane crash audio and video

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Ill wait for the ntsb report.

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Sounded pretty normal on flyby and then seemed to be returning based on sound.
The initial walk around the neighborhood shows an engine/nacelle/prop which clearly hit the side
of the house from the WSW and the aircraft proper impacted the house 500' to the WNE and
bounced off the roof and landed in the ravine to the north. But the angle of descent is extreme
and the bursting into flames on the way down (probably full of fuel) makes me think an engine
completely departed the aircraft with a Vmc/loss of CG departure.
Simply amazing if anyone onboard lives. Thanks for sharing the video.
'directions' Google maps from engine impact house to fuselage impact house.
PS not canard related but for hindsight of safety.

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With the advent of video doorbells and security cameras on homes and dash cams, there are a number of new sources for video and audio..  Here are a few of the recent crash in Yorba Linda:

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