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Tom Smith

What does Cuba say?
Thanks to one of our members who called the Cuba CAA this morning, and got this:
In our country there is no regulation in this regard. They can fly over
and land registrations of any nationality without any distinction
provided they meet the requirements requested and that you know
all right

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS

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Sounds ominous but what I learned while in Cuba was people have been flying back and forth, despite the embargo and all that, for decades. They don’t say in this article what the penalties are for flying your Part 91 N-Numbered aircraft over there. Is the US going to shoot you down? If you flew to Grand Cayman, spent the night, then flew to Cuba, who’s gonna know? Reverse the trip coming home, prove I was in Cuba. You think Cuba’s going to deny you’re entry? They like our money, Ha! 

This will all pass. In the meantime I’m grateful that I got to go. Wish I could go back and get a bunch to go with me but RAFE and life has me so busy I don’t have a minute to spare at the moment. 

When this breaks let’s do a Cuba trip like the Bahamas thing. Heck I’ve never had time to do that one either! 


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