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Hi All,
Vari Eze wing attach plates for new build Vari Ezes

Here we go again!
When last Marc showed these condemning pictures I commented that the material did not appear to be correct. To which Marc responded in his normal fashion, to which I therefore asked that he should get the material analysed as some sets were marketed made from material not as recommended by Burt’s plans. i.e. Should be from 1/8” 2024-T3 Alclad plate.
It’s been some time now so what are the results Marc?

I also pointed out that the humidity that may have caused the corrosion shown would be pretty uniform throughout the airframe. Thus Marc should remove and check his own canard attach tabs as these too would show similar corrosion if made from the same material as those in the pictures. (As he claims the material shown in the pictures is correct and thus the same as his lift tabs).

However, leaving Marc to his analyses, lets move on. Look positive!
Now, now, be nice to Marc ....

I'm sure he means well, and, pessimists are disappointed much less often than optimists.

(One could mod the Vari for Cozy/Long Eze style wing attaches - but we don’t want Vari’s with sloppy ailerons do we?? ;-)
Ok, why would Long EZ style wing attach imply sloppy ailerons? I'm curious about this statement.

We are discussing here New-Build Vari Ezes.

Should the new builder or his/her inspector be unhappy with 2024-T3 Alclad plates then why not fabricate them from stainless steel? Ferritic or Austenitic stainless should do the job without adding too much weight.
Even better why not build the new plates with carbon, vacuum formed or injected, as described by a number of our group. Such plates would be easy to machine for titanium thimbles.
Perhaps even a member of this group could produce a short run of them once the moulds were made.
Now, what you are indicating here is nothing is perfect, and just about everything could be improved. A good perspective.

One thing that has bothered me is the possibility of corrosion in some places on the EZ types, and wondering why more effort to prevent same hasn't occurred. Most likely one of the issues is how long the aircraft have survived. I'm betting that if Bert was asked in the 1970s, he would not have anticipated this.

My own perspective is that nothing is permanent. Everything on an aircraft is a consumable, at different rates. The ability to perform maintenance is vital. Metal buried in composite structure doesn't lend itself to easy maintenance.

With a very moderate amount of positive instead of negative thinking, perhaps we have removed this long-standing ‘imagined’ block to future new-build Vari Ezes.

I say ‘imagined’ as I am still waiting for my wings to fall off. And do you think that I would have sent my own daughter off in our Vari if I had had the slightest doubt as to its safety?

Obviously the above is just a suggestion as to a possible direction, detailed engineering would be needed to finalise such a design.
Yes, the Vari could have a new design, and could be much better than before. At least it better be, or fire the new designer.

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