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David A Froble

On 6/13/2019 7:13 PM, CozyGirrrl@... [canard-aviators] wrote:
Please someone just shoot me now? :-/

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A lot of folks dont know where the Pavilion is located. Please give details on that please if it will be held there.
EJ Johnson N36EJ Mid. Kansas

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That part about following instructions...

Yea, I'm for it! I plan to be camped near the pavilion, so let me know if I can help.Don Berlin
We wrote "We just got the word this morning from the EAA that this would not be okay with them."No group dinners at the pavilion! It would have to be at our camp site again, just no tables.
....but thanks for the kind offer! =D

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Wow, sorry to hear about all of the issues. It was a great event and some were guilty of just showing up ( I'm one of the guilty ones) and not helping out. SORRY😔. Yea, I'm for it! I plan to be camped near the pavilion, so let me know if I can help.Don BerlinLongez N131DB

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The Eleventh Annual CozyGirrrls Spaghetti Bash not going to happen this year.

But WAIT, there's more...

(explanation at bottom)

*** INSTEAD ***
For the adventurous & diehards we are proposing
an alternative;

The First (& Last?) CSA/RAFE Jambalaya Jam.
......its simple, if you are a canard person you

should belong to CSA and support RAFE, their

sponsorship for this means nothing more than they

get to stand up in front of you while you eat and

they get to jabber at you, in the bigger picture

they represent all of us out there in the bigger

world so it's worth a listen.

Some of you have been lucky enough to sample
Bob Tilley's fine authentic Louisiana Jambalaya.

Bob and I are considering making a huge cast iron

kettle full, all you will need to bring is an

appetite and a chair (NO TABLES AVAILABLE) (and

maybe a small donation?).
We will provide the place and the food, some

sodas, ice and water. There should also be a

minivan available if a few souls wish to pass a

hat and make a beer run to Walmart. Trying to keep

this one simple and informal, less work, no

For those unfamiliar with the dish, Jambalaya is a

one-pot dish of chicken, pork, sausage & rice,

and some other things. It is somewhat spicy but

not hot. Goes great with beer if you bring some =)

And now, the rest of the story...

We know the Spaghetti Bash is important and has

been a great family event for Canardians, it grew

into something much larger than we had envisioned.
This year due to many issues, past and current we

do not have the valuable manpower or energy to put

on this event as it has been in the past. We were

going to not do it at all, then remembering the

simplicity of Bob's Jambalaya thought we might be

able to do it up at the nice new shelter pavilion

at the top of the homebuilt camping field since it

would be an informal get together of homebuilders

and many of them camping in said area. We just got

the word this morning from the EAA that this would

not be okay with them.
It takes a team to do the dinner, we have an

awesome team! This year two key members are unable

to be there, we would not attempt to do this

without them.
It takes a lot of begging to get the tables we

round up each year, when we announce the dinner we

always say we may not be able to get any tables,

last year there was a huge stink by a Chairman

that -we- had stolen their tables when in fact we

had no idea of the source or origin of said tables

but because said EAA chairman does not like Randi

they attempted to put her in a bad light.
It is important to know it is against EAA rules to

sell food or alcohol, period. There are venues

available, a list of caterers and purveyors with

liquor licences to provide such things. We have

hosted this party for the CSA for the last ten

years, originally intended to round up the few

early arrival lost souls looking for other canard

people and have a good evening of camaraderie. We

have asked for a minimal donation to cover costs

and anything extra has gone into the kitty for the

next year to add whatever pots and pans etc to

make this work and accommodate the expanding group,

this has worked well. Someone has been kind enough

to bring and donate beverages and even sangria

(thank you whoever you are).
Let it be known to keep peace on our street we

have always extended an open invitation to any and

all to join us, nobody excluded. But year after

year issues have been instigated, sadly two of

them are chairmen, that have resulted in at least

one major problem each year. They have called the

police (we're having a party), they have called

security (they are selling food and alcohol), they

have extensively lied to their friend who runs

campground security and we have been told by him

"he has heard all about what we are doing and we

are being watched", we get complaints about the

crowds, the bicycles, parking, golf carts etc in

the street and at other people's campsites,
Last year another chairman, friend of camping

neighbors came to me mid dinner, she had glass in

hand and as sweet as could be buttered me up and

asked if there was any way she could buy a glass

of our wonderful sangria. I saw this a mile away,

put my arm around her and said "sorry we do not

sell alcohol but for her she can help herself to

as many refills as she wished". THIS is a tiny

sample of the sort of relentless $#!7 we put up

with year after year. Last year was the topper.

Two years ago it resulted in Randi in the ER right

after Osh she nearly died. She ended up with a

stent and huge bills. Last year after Osh right

back in the hospital. A stress test and more

It's supposed to be camping folks, it's supposed

to be fun folks... it is not.
What makes it all worthwhile is YOU. All of you

people, and your families. Just seeing all of you

getting together, the smiles and laughter, the din

of conversation, people lining up for thirds and

fourths for campsite pasta? Those name tags we nag

you about? Imagine you came all the way here from

Israel, Europe, South America or had been lurking

on the net but never met anyone face to face, or

you're like Randi and I and can't remember to save

our lives, it sure helps with meeting new friends

or not embarrassing yourself with old ones or

finally thanking that person who was so helpful on

line, we count the blank name tags each year

before the dinner so we also have an accurate head

Every year the gathering turns out to be

incredible and so worth it for all of our crew.

I saw the pain Randi was experiencing again last

year and was ready to say it was not worth it, but

the thanks and encouragement everybody gave made us

realize this is an event that must happen one way

or another.
We were slow getting this plan together because we

were both sick for an extended period of time

following Sun N Fun but we are good now.

So this year, please bear with us, we are making

an adjustment for just this year and we will

figure out what to do next year.

As for comments; what we need right now since time

is getting short, does this Jambalaya Jam thing

sound okay? ...are you interested? I know it's

different but it is the best we can do right now.
NO RSVP's right now please, just yays or nays and

as always, no vegan, no gluten free, no kosher, no

low carb or Millennial meals will be available but

it should be dolphin free.

If enough people are willing to take a chance on

this we will put out a formal announcement and

start taking RSVP's, if you RSVP me before that I

will ignor it and you will not be counted. Y'all

are terrible at following instructions.

Thanks, Chrissi and Randi--
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