Re: COZY: OSHKOSH dinner

Ryszard Zadow

Count me in also and what ever support you may need we will do our best to help. 

Pres. RAFE

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Count me, Becky and Brandon in... 👍 

(And no shooting of Chrissi)

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Shoot??? First gotta know what the bag limit is on those elusive "Chrissi" critters !?? All joking aside, glad you are feeling better.?? Sounds like a great idea both to give you a break and to introduce the uninitiated to the joys of jambalaya.?? To summarize:?? You're exploring sentiment (nothing definite yet) for folks to come to same campsite as always but no tables, no sangria, Cajun food vs. spaghetti, BYOB, BYOC (chair), and listen to RAFE & CSA pitchmen.?? That about got it??? Count me in.


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Please someone just shoot me now? :-/

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A lot of folks dont know where the Pavilion is located. ??Please give details on that please if it will be held there.

EJ Johnson N36EJ Mid. Kansas

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That part about following instructions...
Yea, I'm for it! I plan to be camped near the pavilion, so let me know if I can help.
Don Berlin
We wrote "We just got the word this morning from the EAA that this would not be okay with them."
No group dinners at the pavilion! It would have to be at our camp site again, just no tables.
...but thanks for the kind offer! =D


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