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Keith, we'd love the have you and Terri there but not the Yorkie as darling as they are.
If we make one exception  it is not fair the the rest, a little one here, a bigger one there and a pair of Labs crapping everywhere.
Sorry but we won't have a repeat of RR where we had dogs crapping in the food prep area and everywhere else. Outside of our campsite
are our neighbors who would love to complain about dog mess on their campsite no matter if it happened or not.
I get crazy when I see these things happening and want to get mean and rude, we are trying to reduce the stress and have a good time for all.

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We will be flying in and plan on the Jambalaya but we need to travel with our 4 lb Yorkie. He is always held. Any exceptions to the no pet policy?
Keith and Terri

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Tuesday July 23rd, social hour begins around 5PM BYOB

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