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Having been involved in the instruction of the lazy and ignorant for many years, the best way to motivate them is to just IGNORE them. This usually separates out the incompetent who will just keep going in circles asking people because they can’t figure out how to go about figuring out the answer in the first place from those who are just trying to short cut to the answer or may have been set in the wrong direction to begin with. The ignore key (also known as the delete key, circular file, left mouse button) might help some of you fight off bitter old man syndrome for a few more years... how you handle a trip to wal-mart if this type of stuff gets your panties in a bunch I have no idea! I bet the people who wait till the last minute to merge (which is the way traffic engineers intend, and will allow traffic to flow the in the most efficient manner) make your heads explode. Take a deep breath, use that ignore button more often, and realize not much in life is worth turning into a bitter old man over. 


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Since nothing is new under the sun regarding these old planes, I suggest the link to the C-A archives be sent to all inspectors/facilities and this site then be shut down as a forum, with only the archives remaining.  Or perhaps forum questions could be filtered and diverted by a moderator with an "archive bounce."  But then readers would no longer be able to differentiate the really smart/competent/experienced/industrious builders from the dumb/incompetent/inexperienced/lazy clay pigeons.


Bruce Smith


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> Group:I have good brakes and never considered SS lines.HOWEVER a buddy bought a beautiful Longeze.Time came for a condition inspection last week.The AI told him to deal with his less than perfect brakesby replacing the plastic lines. So he is grounded.I told him that some builders had pushed SS linesthrough their existing plastic lines and are veryhappy with the lines.He needs some expert help on that, please.
> Bruce Hughes

I have to wonder, do people just not read posts, or, immediately forget
what they read?

And the archives, useless, might as well not keep them.

Much has been posted on this topic, just waiting there for anyone who
needs to review this and just about any other topic.

I'll just mention one thing, for 1/8 inch line, it has been reported
that the .020 wall is required, .028 wall leaves the ID too small.

Ok, back to being lazy and not doing due diligence, just asking and
expecting others to do the work ....

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