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Andrew Anunson

What is wrong with your friend’s brake lines?

Andrew Anunson

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Ryszard, Dave, Bruce, and Jay:   I must
apologize; my wording of the email was
the way I understood the situation but
was not correct.

And I am sorry that my computer always
send two copies; I do not know why..

Correct information:  my friend just 
commented that the brakes were less
than perfect.     So he kinda "shot himself
in the foot".

Actually he has a lot of flying experience 
in many aircraft,including my Longeze.   
I DO have good brakes so he was
comparing his brakes with mine, I guess.

The AI did not try the brakes, he just would
not sign off the condition inspection.   A
second problem is that the line to the fuel
injection unit needs to be changed.   I am
sorry; I know very little about fuel injection

I am sure the fuel injection system can be
fixed as they are not unique to canard

About checking the archives:   I could have
checked my own archives; I have 6 files that
are about brakes.   When I did check the files,
I found 2 pages of very pertinent information,
although the information is 4 years old.
Marc, Dale, Buly, Rich G.., and Jim E. covered
brake lines very well.

This friend flew about 36 of the 40 hours on my
Longeze so I own him a lot.

Like so many, he bought his Longeze (after he
had flown mine and liked it) and is not a builder.  

What we went to see before purchase turned out
to be an extremely well built canard.    But much
of the "internal parts" are covered so it is not a
typical canard.   Getting the SS tubes down the
gear legs may be a problem.   I put MY Nyloseal
on the gear legs.   He is not likely to remove the
old plastic tubes (whatever they are) to fix it.  
He is much too busy making a living; not retired
like me.

Our nearest canard inspector/repairman is Dale
Martin but he is always extremely busy and the
aircraft is now grounded by FAA regulations.
We do not want to haul it over; that is far.  

Thank you very much for the comments.


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Need more information as to why his IA told him his brakes were “less than perfect” ? 

Was it because is IA was unfamiliar with our brake systems and thinks the tubing called out for in the plans is inadequate simply because that’s not what Cessnas have? 

This is why it’s really important that non-builder-owners need to take their aircraft to someone knowledgeable like any of the shops that specialize on our aircraft or find someone with decades of operational experience to guide them . I see this all the time and it drives me nuts. Recently an owner brought a LongEZ to the Jetguys shop that an avionics ship charged him $15k to install a glass panel. They’d never seen a LongEZ before. The wire bundles were running outside the armrests under the seat cushions and the systems didn’t even work right. Everything needed to be removed and redone. It was awful. 

Get this guy in touch with someone who know our airplanes please. 


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I have good brakes and never considered SS lines.

HOWEVER a buddy bought a beautiful Longeze.
Time came for a condition inspection last week.
The AI told him to deal with his less than perfect brakes
by replacing the plastic lines.   So he is grounded.

I told him that some builders had pushed SS lines
through their existing plastic lines and are very
happy with the lines..

He needs some expert help on that, please.

Bruce Hughes

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