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Del Schier

I think SS lines are a very good idea and maybe mandatory.  My EZ had a brake fail because the nylon line got hot and soft and leaked.  I think that the conducted heat from the brake caliper, more than the radiated heat from the disc, soften the line and cause it to leak.  My Cozy had nylon, but it doesn’t any longer, after a Matco brake install.  The Cozy had a slight leak once but didn’t stop the brakes from stopping.   The new lines were < $100 and easy to install.


I would worry more about having the cheap plans brass fuel valve; that is mandatory to replace! They jammed up and almost caused a forced landing on both my airplanes, even though I painfully disassembled and lubed the valves periodically.


Del Schier

Cozy IV N197DL

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I have good brakes and never considered SS lines.


HOWEVER a buddy bought a beautiful Longeze.

Time came for a condition inspection last week.

The AI told him to deal with his less than perfect brakes

by replacing the plastic lines.   So he is grounded.


I told him that some builders had pushed SS lines

through their existing plastic lines and are very

happy with the lines.


He needs some expert help on that, please.


Bruce Hughes

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