Re: Stainless steel brake lines


When I replaced my nylaflow lines I used -4 size aeroquip lines from a local hydraulics dealer. I measured very carefully using stiff rope from the caliper to the master cylinders and had pretty good luck. One side of the line can use the crimp fitting however the other end needs to use the removable fitting to allow you to install the line through the firewall. These latter fittings are cataloged at spruce for about 50 each although that is about what I paid at the shop for each line and fittings on each end of the line. Lines were in the neighborhood of 51".  

 I opened up the rear of the maingear bow and reglassed afterwards. Came out very nice.

 Only downside was that my existing COM antenna in the maingear bow was rendered almost useless as it is parallel to the metallic braided brake line and in very close proximity. If your friend has his antenna in the wingtips then all is good, if it's in the bow, I had to relocate mine to the aft side of the front seat using a new dipole I fabricated out of some baluns and copper ground strap...


 I'd actually concur with the IA in classifying the install with nylaflow limes as un airworthy. The original location of the master cylinders is on the hot side of the firewall and having unshielded plastic there for a critical system is really poor engineering in my opinion. Additionally the original Vari Eze plans had builders using plastic lines for the fuel system, some of those on the hot side of the firewall.. This was a big no no and I believe some inspectors refused to issue airworthiness certificates upon seeing this. There were revisions published in CPs to get rid of this.

 Lastly there were supposedly a number of brake failure in the early days caused by heat radiating from the brake discs on to the nylaflow lines and even ruining the bottom of the maingear bow. This happened with planes equipped with wheel pants. I have asbestos header tape safety wired around all of the leg that is inside my wheelpants as well as all of the exposed brake line. My fairing from the gear leg to the wheel pant has the very rear part removed so there is a ventilation effect without worrying about louvers, naca scoops, etc... 

My plane is not a hangar queen, I put from 100-150 hours/ year on her and these are mods that actually work in a flying aircraft and are airworthy.

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