Re: uMonitor and Plasma III Tach Pulse

Dave Adams

Thanks Dale. I have the manuals and have looked through them. Maybe there is something in the manual that I have missed. I couldn’t find details on the signal that the uMonitor is looking for. 

I did think of an idea to use if I don’t find help. I could set up a function generator creating the same pulses that the P III generates and try to get the uMonitor to work.  


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The manual for the Rocky Mountain instruments are still online although hard find if I recall.  I may still have the PDF on the laptop...  Will check for you when I get to work.


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I know I’ve seen how to adapt the tach pulse from the Plasma III to the Rocky Mountain uMonitor before.  Now that I need it, I can’t find it.


The manual on the Plasma III clearly states that the tach pulse is 10V, 1.5mS, twice per revolution.  I don’t know what signal the uMonitor needs.


Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to adapt the Plasma III to the uMonitor?




Dave Adams


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