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If a “T” is put in the com coax for connecting a hand held com radio, to what degree if any will this impact the com antenna?

Would there be any other unintended consequences?


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Erlend, I plan to do this, with a receptacle mounted in the panel and a short cable that can be attached to it and a hand held.

Phil Kriley

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Interesting discussion!

Would it be wice to plan for an external connection ready in the instrument panel? Then it would be very easy to connect a handheld in case of a radio malfunction, even with an electrical issue I could connect a handheld and still have a radio available. 

Med vennlig hilsen / Best Regards
Erlend Moen

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James:  I flew mine with a handheld running through the coax just as you described the first two years after first flight which included two trips to OSH.  That was some 30+ years ago and worked just fine.


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If your antenna in the winglet and main coax run is operational, just connect the handheld to it with a coax pigtail extension.  I can easily reach 20+ miles using a handheld on the ground with a copper foil di-pole on a stick....  In the air, I’m betting it would perform the same as your panel mount for normal ops.


Just say’n.  Cheap and easy patch till your radio is fixed.



Berkut/Race 13



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Have a handheld icom, Bill (co-pilot) even used it for me. Peachy on the
ground, or w/in 5 miles of airport, but audio sux aloft. So does


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