Re: uMonitor and Plasma III Tach Pulse

Dale Martin


Just found the document (Same one as Nick provided) and recall doing this for a client.  You may have to reenter all your parameters again.

For Contact info - See Website

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That’s what I was looking for!  Thanks Nick!


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I was able to get the RMI engine monitor to work with the plasma ignition.   If remember correctly, I had to add a small capacitor or resistor to one of the boards in the monitor.  Since I sold my instrument a while back I can’t open it up for you to check out but the person who bought my monitor (don’t recall who it was) could certainly do that.   Ron Moyer (RMI owner) states on his website he is still providing tech support.   

You can try and contact him at:  ronmow@...
The website with the manuals:
Tach input info:     

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