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I’m just a pilot and not a builder, so I rely on the brain trust here for diligence. That’s the best I think I can do to be careful about sourcing. Thank you to you all for contributing.


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First of all, hows does the A&P “Think” he will balance the control surfaces?

Here is a perfect example why no A&P should ever touch an aircraft that he/she does not fully understand.


The A&P is looking for a number that doesn’t exist.  Your due diligence is enough and you have gathered the information of what the plans say to do.  Because of the experimental nature of our airplanes they are not required to comply with anything.  If you choose to fly your Berkut with unbalanced ailerons , you can give it a whirl (although unwise).  


The A&P is shopping for compliance when all he needs to be doing is insuring it is in condition for safe operation and he has absolutely no guidance other than what the plans, newsletters or pilot handbook shows us.


If the inspection was performed by a person who knew exactly what they were doing, you would not be asking the forum for their expertise (and not everyone on this forum knows the answer).



Be careful who you listen to,








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I searched and found this thread because my Berkut is in paint and the A&P who is balancing the control surfaces asked for more detailed instructions on limits – both for Elevator and Ailerons.

I understand that, like for the LongEZ, the elevator must balance trailing edge up (as measured on bottom surface) when supported at the hinge rod. And ailerons must balance between upper surface level and bottom surface level.

But the A&P has some follow-up questions:

1) Usually there is a tolerance range in inch pounds?

2) Are there limits on how much weight you can add if possible?
From the Canard Pusher helpfully linked by Andy, I have: “any Roncz elevator, (after it has been balanced to the pivot line) that weighs more than 3.8 lb (left) and 3.4 lb (right) should not be flown” and “if you have to add weight, it MUST be added only to the outboard mass balance.”
I didn’t find anything for the ailerons, but assume that less weight is needed for them so it’s not practically an issue.

3) Is there a defined limit to how trailing edge up elevators can or should be? (As there is for the ailerons.) From the CP, I have: “balance … elevators to at least the pivot axis, or forward of it, after paint, and flight ready..”

Yahoo Groups rejected this message the first time, so I already got a response from Canard-Aviatiors where Matt Bunch helpfully replied that this was covered in his and Zeitlin's 2013 Oshkosh forum: pp19-23 - I'm going to send those pages to the A&P.


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