Re: COZY: picking up from paint - what to look for?

Cameron Garner

Control surface balance. Too much paint can make them TE heavy.

On Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 12:41 PM Christian Bailey <aetm12@...> wrote:

On the recommendations from a few folks on this list, I just had my Berkut painted at Kracon in Lincoln, CA.


They completed the job only a couple of days past the two weeks promised, which seems incredible. So I'm going tomorrow to pick her up.


I will do a careful inspection of the job, looking for runs and overspray.


On my safety list is a thorough preflight, particularly including canard attachment bolts and wires, and full travel of all controls (I brought a protractor to check the travel). They had an A&P balance the controls and make a logbook entry.


Tapping the collective braintrust here – anything else you’ve seen or heard of a paint shop mess up that I should look out for?



Berkut 540 N6212

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