Re: COZY: picking up from paint - what to look for?


the diagonal numbers make such a big difference for the better. Somehow, makes the effect more modern. Interesting how significant graphics design can be. 

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Have to stick in my two cents again.

I did my graphics in Cadd (Visual Cadd) where I could do them "full size".  I printed them at home on paper and fitted them to the plane to be sure I liked the look on the plane then took them to a local sign shop where they printed the vinyl for me matching the colors and size perfectly.  Loved the job, and was able to do some pretty fine lines (note the yellow lines that taper to nothing between the darker colored ones).  They were able to use the CADD files directly from a USB drive I suppled.

The best part of doing it this way was they could easily print the long fuselage graphics in one piece!
Here's a jpg copy of the cadd screen for the winglet design, and. second, a photo of the winglet with the paper copies that I printed to check for fit and appearance, and last, the finished vinyl job. I decided to change the N number's location when I applied them so it wouldn't be on the rudder and still be fairly large. 

I didn't notice it looked like Terry's until I went to RR two years ago! It wasn't intentional...we must just think alike!


On 6/28/2019 10:25 AM, Phil Kriley greilich@... [canard-aviators] wrote:
All of the graphics on “Cat’s Meow” are vinyl and they have held up very well..  When it comes time, I will use vinyl formthe graphics on the plane I am building.

Phil Kriley
P.S. I also stink at painting...

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I used a paint mask for all my lettering and numbers. The local sign shop made mine. You put it on and peel off the top layer. Sand and paint, then pull off the rest. Worked perfect and is very easy to do. 

Victor Taylor
Velocity 93DV

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I was planning to use vinyl for my numbers and graphics.... any recommendations for or against vinyl numbers / graphics?

Andrew Anunson

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Seems like vinyl would be the best rout for numbers.


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