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Rick Hall

Menu at:

If you have a car/van/truck, cool. Chat it up on arrival at OSH.

I'll be working the whole week with "Team Epoxy" (George, Chrissi, Randi, Bob, ??) at the Cozy-3 demo/build at the Aeroplane Workshop about 1/4 mile N of the Brown Arch. Stop by and say "hi". If you enjoy interacting with the audience and building, stay a bit (free hydration). Spar caps and skinning a wing is on the menu for this year. If you like it enough to do 20 hours of interaction, a weekly wrist band for next year could be procured.

My smart-fone is tree zero tree fife eight niner twenty sixty-3


On 7/2/2019 10:44 PM, Rick Hall [canard-aviators] wrote:

We're in, I reserved the 50 person room for 6:00 pm on Friday. When I
awoke this AM, I had 18 people that responded with a "yea". Note that I
only posted to this list, so please spread the word.

I will post up the banquet menu when they email it to me. But it'll be
chicken, beef, fish, salads; but NOT everything from their full dinner menu..

Lots of cars attending OSH, lots of planes too. Not every car has a
plane, and not every plane has a car. If I need to spell it out... ;)

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