Re: VariEze Crash In Illinois


Ken that looks like the one. Anyone know if this one was recently for sale? 


On Jul 8, 2019, at 8:26 PM, Ken Swain ken4zz@... [canard-aviators] <canard-aviators@...> wrote:


News footage had a blurry shot of N number.?? Took a few tries (FAA database is down), this appears to be the airplane.?? Purple trim & wing cuffs, identical to news footage.

One of the local TV stations said non-life threatening injuries and that it happened about 7 to 8 miles from Aurora, IL airport / KARR.


On 7/8/2019 6:24 PM, Tim Andres tim2542@... [canard-aviators] wrote:
Looks like it was pushed sideways to clear the road, cant see any other way for the wing to get in the fence like that.??

On Jul 8, 2019, at 6:39 PM, dgalovich@... [canard-aviators] <canard-aviators@...> wrote:

VariEze went down on the median, pilot walked away. Video shows the propeller intact, landing gear and canard?? departed the aircraft.

Prayers for the pilot and his family....

Dave Galovich

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