Re: First Flights after Lycoming Install

Keith Spreuer

Yeah that aft baffle was funny. I was just ready to start on it and this guy dropped by to chat. He had done my friends so half kidding I asked what he would charge. He said hmmm $150. I said start tomorrow.  Well after it took 6 weeks I paid 500 and still consider it well worth it

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Congrats on getting back in the air after such intense re-work. Sounds like you're getting great performance. Of all the work I've done on my LongEz, fabricating my aftmost engine baffle and "negotiating" a test area with my local FSDO have been the most challenging so far. Glad that's behind me now.

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  It was 5 months and 5 days from Subaru dead stick at Fullerton airport to first flight with my Lycoming O-360. WOW it was a pretty intensive project.
Made a second flight yesterday over the Phase I area that I negotiated with the FAA. I now have 1.5 of my 5 hrs done. No squawks at all on second flight. CHTs in cruise 2500, 7500', 70 oat (I figure that's comparable to 92 at sea level) topped at 409 with leaning to lean of peak. Rich of peak they dropped to the 380s. So I think the baffling still needs tightening up. 
I ought to have the phase I done next week end. I still have a lot of clean up and paint to do but extremely glad to have it flying again.
Cozy IV SN 018

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