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Tim Andres

Ill guess Don, its a 2” bore IIRC, about 8” or so deep.  So maybe 3 lbs? Assuming its not also counter weighted and some of them have lightening holes in the flange, so its hard to say. There is also the prop governor and plumbing if its a complete engine comparison your looking at. 
Tim Andres

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Anyone know the weight difference between a solid 0-360 crankshaft and a hollow one? After doing a search on the web, all I could find are references stating only a small difference, but no actual figures. Also, anyone know the weight of their 0-360 engine installations? Weighed my 0-360 yesterday and it came in at 286 lbs completed with starter and alternator, and fuel injection. No baffling, no exhaust pipes, no crank extension or prop. Just wondering how that compares.

Thanks, Don Jones

Berkut FG

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