Re: Odd Aircraft that includes a Canard type

Harley Dixon

Interesting...he had the canard, BUT, he still equipped it with full "conventional" tail feathers.
In the intro, he comments that the front wheel is to prevent nose overs, but apparently failed to notice that he lost the front wheel on take off! 
So he nosed over! Actually a pretty good lesson for all of us "home builders"...


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Hi all,

If you are not in to looking at historic aircraft from the 1920's+ then "delete" this email now.

I would not normally send out an Odd Aircraft youtube but I found this one to be very interesting. If you forward to 3:49 into the video you will see a Fernic T-9. This is an aircraft from 1929 with a Canard!! Yea, I know the Wright flyer was a Canard type, but take a look at this one.  Listen to what the pilot says about the reason for it. He also touts the nose gear, but look what happens!! 

If you have the time take a look at some of the other creative ideas guys had back then. Some you say "Wow!", others you ask, "what the heck were they thinking!!" Watch it all the way to the end. There are some "WTH" designs at the end!!

Torger T
Long-EZ 606TT
Fullerton, CA

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