Osh Tuesday Night Dinner - no tables


Just a reminder, tables have become scarce, we were told there will be no tables this year, so please BYOC....CHAIR, yes I know, its a load to carry, cellphone, six pack, chair

Hello from Oshkosh!
The site for the dinner is secured once more.
For those that were there last year it is still on North Doolittle down past the Fly-In Theater, this time it is just 250 feet further down the dirt road and on the other side of the street, if you cannot find the Little Red Truck please see your optometrist.
See you Tuesday or drop by the HomeBuilder's Workshop Cozy project to say hello!
Regards, Chrissi & Randi

Our awesome volunteers this year will be Elizabeth Szoke Ferrell giving welcome huggs, collecting donations and supplying name tags...please see her first, Bob Tilley, our resident Jambalaya expert with genuine Baton Rouge residency experience, Randi dishing it out and myself, Chrissi messing up Bob's perfectly good recipe. There will be others...
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