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Good Morning Joe, the information was for my VariEze.




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Which canard model Mike?

VariEze - CP 42, Page 5. Vortilons at BL 81.6, 102.7 and 122.4 (or, linearly along the LE, measured from the LE at the wing root, 56.1", 80.0" and 102.3", respectively).

Others (e.g. LEZ or MK IV) - re-check your plans.

-Joe Person

> On July 16, 2019 at 2:44 PM Michael Scovel wrote:
> So, I was getting ready to cut out my Vortolons last night and saw the BL numbers, one was about 80 and the other one I had was something like 126.8. When I measured the 126.8, it was towards the outboard end of the wing. Pretty sure that isn’t correct. Any body have the correct numbers?
> Mike Scovel
> (313) 608-7202
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