Re: Camping update at OSH

Gerald Eaton

Hi Dick,
Thank you for the response;
“hard surface....”

That makes perfect sense....😊

I figured I was missing something obvious....
I never concerned myself with Basler (except for buying gas) since I always had to pursue GAC, so that didn’t occur to me. In fact, I didn’t even know you could reserve those spots.

Every year EAA has some small changes, and/or I learn of a ‘trick’ about getting in, finding a spot, or where to stay off-site, so I thought I might have missed a nice ‘nugget’.

And I ‘yearn’ for the day when (because I finish mine, or buy another) I can bring a Cozy, gain a slot in HBC.....



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That is for reserved hard-surface parking at the Basler FBO.



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Just got this text update:

“GA camping and parking is full unless you have reserved parking.”

There’s reserved camping spots for GA camping/parking at Oshkosh??? (WTF!?!!)

Ok.....So I’m feeling like I belong on the short bus right now; so when did we start having reserved parking at Oshkosh? Miss-read on my part or is this just a typo? I’ve been camping under the wing for 25 years, and feel like I’ve been missing something...

Jerry Eaton

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