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Hi Marcus,
when you lost your rudder, where did the rudder cable break?  Presumably 3/32" cable? I ask because I heard a story about the rudder cable causing further injury to the pilot's leg in a crash as it was pulled through the cabin when the wings sheared off. 

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I lost the upper third of the winglet and the rudder was ripped off (see attached picutres).  I kept a cool head and was able to control the plane fairly easily using only the ailerons.  If the Piper had been 18 inches lower, I would have lost my head compoletely..


After having totally rebuilt this plane in only five days at Oshkosh in 1988, it was a bit ridiculous how long it took to get this repair done.  I was a little bummed out.




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Marc, how much of the winglet was taken off and how difficult was it to control the plane. If this story was put out on the forum, I somehow missed it. Glad things turned out ok for you.


Don Jones

Berkut FG


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Since I had my mid-air, in which I lost my left winglet and associated radio antenna, I want to avoid the possible loss of radio contact, if this ever (very unlikely) happens again.  It was fortunate that my radio was connected through my right winglet, so I maintained radio contact with the tower.


I have now rebuilt my left winglet and associated radio antenna.  It works.  Is it possible to connect both antennae to the radio through a splitter (or combiner??) so that, if one antenna goes bad, or is knocked off by an errant airplane, radio contact is maintained?


Anxious to know.


Marc Borom


Ryan Field

Tucson, AZ




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