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There were more cars than Canards. 

The future for our group is the established events like Columbia, Rough Rover, Kannab, Bahamas etc. The F-35.6 is nice but not 2,345 pictures worth of nice. 

Charlie got his Viggen in the list at least. There were a couple other so. 

That said, there was a pretty significant photo shoot of all the Canards and we’re hoping they held back on publishing those because they want to use them in the magazine. One can hope.


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Well, N4ZZ is safely back in the hangar after it's 42nd O$hko$h. I've
been cleaning up the past week's email (I give myself the week off from
email) for the last 2 hours. EAA sent out a link to an official photo
archive on Flickr that their staff took which ran 28 pages and nearly
2800 photos. On a hunch I quickly scanned the first 900 or so.
Discounting a few that were in afternoon or evening airshows, EAA
accidentally let almost 2 dozen pictures of actual ordinary
'rank-and-file' experimental airplanes leak into the group. Someone must
have really screwed up to let THAT many in.

Picture from campground yesterday will be an enduring memory of this
years O$H. Bet it didn't look like that near the museum or the
'Aviator's Club'.


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