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Tom Smith

The EAA big dollar has pushed us off to the side. It's not about us anymore, it's the big dollar. I also would like to see any plane over 12'000 lbs gone.

Izzy, I like that. If we were to have enough people to have our own fly-in I'd be there. Less people climbing all over our planes scratching up the paint jobs and canopy's.
Sitting on wings/canards. Group BBQ's local sights and just uncrowded fun, like Kanab!

EJ, that's why we fly Young Eagles, and open our small airports and let family's walk around with pilots to look at our planes.

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
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I wish one or more of you would post things you like about OSH Flyin.  

I enjoyed the Military fly bys, HBC is working, I enjoyed touring the BIG planes,  the food is not gourmet but no one would by it anyway, some very interesting concept planes.  
We need the big crowds because out of that we get a few new pilots each year and without pilots we don’t have a support system.  Etc etc Off my rant. 

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On Jul 29, 2019, at 2:40 PM, Izzy Briggs inbriggs@... [canard-aviators] <canard-aviators@...> wrote:

Good points. Personally, I’d like to see anything military banned from the event. It’s be nice to skip the United Airlines and UPS airplanes dominating Boeing as well. Those guys can all go to Paris.

Maybe we should all just start landing in Rockville again. 


On Jul 29, 2019, at 13:46, Gordon Bowen [canard-aviators] <canard-aviators@...> wrote:

Osh$, has been going commercial for a long time. The reason I quit doing the composites workshop and coming to Osh to volunteer. The entire”AirVenture” theme will be a failure as soon as the homebuilder core quit volunteering at Osh. It’s now 100% on the local chapters to keep the original EAA movement alive. Ask yourself, if the EAA did not have real experimental aircraft enthusiast around the country, would our so called builders convention in Osh survive? Would the State of WI pony up the money to support the state’s largest event? I know someone in Osh corporate management reads these posting on our user group, I wonder if they will wake up to the fact that they have allowed our annual experimental convention has been highjacked by money, like our political system....

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