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The FAA this, the FAA that... you know you can JOIN the BBB right? They have no authority, they are a database companies PAY TO JOIN and be rated by so suckers like you will feel better about walking through the front door or pay money to online when they see that BBB plus rating.... if you want a positive rating I know of companies who do nothing but leave positive feedback on social media, and web based review services including Google, eBay, iTunes ect. Big business in Asia as well. You’d be surprised what a few hundred dollars buys in social media and review manipulation. 

As for the FAA.... they are a faceless nameless government agency, they won’t do squat. But can a faceless nameless yet motivated and creative employee with the right authority’s aware of the issue at least ensure said aircraft will never be airworthy again without loads and loads of paperwork and expense with little to no actual effort? If the FAA granteth airworthyness the FAA can will does has shall and should taketh airworthyness. 

As for this David Hanson guy, he sounds like a D-Bag. And that seems to be 2nd’d and 3’rd. Ive heard of Marc far and wide, I know guys who hate him, love him, and everything in between, and most have a lot of respect for the services he offers. But I’ve never heard a single person question his workmanship or judgement, and in the relativity small word we all share (canard aircraft) there aren’t very many guys like him. So we don’t need to hear from Mr Hanson. Unless he wants to hand over that $500 and apologize. 

Jay Bendlin

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 I would register a formal complaint with both the FAA and the BBB. If they do nothing and some dies because they did not act, then the lawyers can line up for a piece of the action.



What benefit would it do to call the FAA on something like this?  From what I understand, they have no jurisdiction on plane sales, deposits, etc.

And if you saw something bad to point out to them, I can't see them doing anything about it until the airplane is involved in an accident or incident.  As long as it's signed off on a biannual, it's good to go.  Even if it's not signed off, they wouldn't do anything about it unless they saw it taxiing to/from the runway or flying.

I am concerned about your losing your $1,000, though, unless you had a contract that effectively said the deposit isn't yours anymore if you decline to buy it.  I've never seen such a contract, though.  Did you have a contract?

There are plenty of people badmouthing David Hanson.  I'd like to hear what he has to say.


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I could add to this regarding one of his planes I looked at.  I put $1000.00 deposit then found some major issues.  He told the seller not to give me my deposit back.  I settled with the seller for half of my deposit back.  I should have went to the FAA on this one.  

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While relaxing in our B&B room in Florence prior to going out to dinner, I ran across a Barnstormers advertisement by David Hanson of Warren, Ohio, for composite canard build / assistance services (he has, he claims, 17 years of "experiance"). I felt ethically obligated to issue a warning.

I know of at least two aircraft that Mr. Hanson has built/refurbished that have had major issues with them. One is his personal SQ2K, which I examined personally in Chino, CA in February. Just to be open, here's the list of issues I found with the SQ2K N440DH, NOT in severity order:
  • Loose center firewall belcrank
  • Wing TE thickness & separation
  • High Friction in elevator
  • Heavy wings (120 lb each)
  • Cut center spar near bolt holes - almost 1/2 missing
  • Rudder cable rub on push rod
  • Terrible workmanship
  • Baffling wrong direction
  • Door fit - they don’t
  • Winglet TE separation
  • NG-6 not captured
  • Bolts / nuts wrong and wrong length
  • Brake Master Cylinders’s cantilevered
  • Canard glassed in
  • Fuel vent inside cabin
  • Very heavy - 1460 lb
  • Logs thin (and misleading)
I made it very clear to the owner that this plane should not be flown and I would NEVER sign off a CI on it. I know of at least two other A&P's that have examined this plane that say essentially the same thing.

Now, I'll state outright that NO plane is perfect - EVERY plane, including my own, will have some issues with it that some A&P's might find to be issues to be addressed at some point. But there are at least 3 -5 items listed above that indicate to me that Mr. Hanson does not understand the required safety aspects of these aircraft, or worse, that he does and doesn't care. I do not know which of these is the case, but it doesn't matter for the people that use his services - either way, there are safety related problems.

Mr. Hanson has a "signature" paint scheme that he uses on any plane he's had a hand in refinishing - it makes it relatively easy to recognize at least that part of his work.

For anyone looking for composite builder assistance, aircraft / part purchase, or modification help, Caveat Emptor.

Marc J. Zeitlin                      marc_zeitlin@...
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