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Well Cir, and others

Dave could register and choose to defend himself if he wanted to. He does not for what ever reason, he would rather others answer for him or sit on the sidelines. His choice, and speaks to the character of the individual. If I ever felt my character had been assailed, or I had been “slandered”... o wait I forgot 

A. this is the internet, litterly anything is more important than arguing on the internet, and this is 2019 not 1919 slander isn’t a thing any more, especially if it’s said on the internet. Anyone who cares what someone says about them, especially if it’s said about them on the internet, should spend a few weeks away from the internet reprioritizing there life. 

B. I don’t conduct myself in a manner that would require anyone else to defend my actions, words, behavior ect. I’m a man, I stand up for myself, for my words, my actions, my deeds. I don’t send others to do that for me, even on the internet.

Seems the millennial mentality of getting triggered over everything has really gotten everywhere, even to old men (responding like children because there friend got called out???) who should know better. A fair observation noted by someone (a well respected someone I might add) out of concern that was then vetted/also noted by several other members (a few of them also of high regard who display great skill) seemed to be brought to light for the good of the general community. If others feel these observations are a mischaracterization of David or his work, character or whatnot, notify him and send him to this PUBLIC FORUM to clear the air. Sending others just makes it seem all the more contrived and shady. 

Jay B

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Marc, If you have a grievance with Dave Hanson then you should address that criticism with him. Since he is not a member of this forum, what you posted was a [snipped by moderator] attack on an individual that has no capacity of defending himself. I would also like to point out that Dave Hanson has over 12 flying aircraft in general aviation. How many does the critic Marc Z have?  

Easy to attack a fellow builders character when that individual cannot defend himself, even easier to make those attacks when you have NOT built something and sold it for others to enjoy or judge!

Dave Hanson has never had one of his aircraft sold to a fellow pilot involved in an accident. Marc, I suggest you stop your [snipped by moderator] rant for a bit about a man who you wouldn't have the integrity or guts to say these slanderous and character attacks about his work to his face or a forum in which he could read it.

I have no issues in defending Dave from Marc Z’s slanderous remarks regarding his workmanship. By the way, half the items on the list Marc  posted came with the project before Dave even started working on it. The aircraft was sold to the buyer knowing that the aircraft had issues and needed some work. Let's not leave that out of the story Marc.

Marc, did you fix those items you so verbally critiqued on one of Dave's planes? [snipped by moderator]

On a different note. I have an extra Canard Elevator tube bell-horn for an altitude hold autopilot system available for cost $25.00 It clamps right on the Long EZ 1.25" inch canard elevator tube with 2 SS worm Clamps. see attached picture.  I made two of them, this is extra. Whoever needs it send me an eMail.  PhilCamarda@...

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