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Jon Matcho

Ryszard wrote:

You’re wrong Jon. The person who posted that “Vendor Warning” had no direct dealing with the “business”. That’s why I keep pointing out that this has nothing to do with safety.
This would be totally different if the purchaser of the SQ had made that post.
I certainly can appreciate your point, and assume Marc Zeitlin had hands-on and experience with David's work. I may have misspoken earlier, but IF (and I am not saying this is so in David's case -- I have no idea) a vendor did some horrible work and I saw it on the flightline, I would be allowed to post a warning as well.

Ryszard wrote:

I’ve been on this forum since it’s inception way back in Compuserv. Over that time span I’ve seen this forum turn from a clearing house of information fostered by enthusiastic, positive people to a podium for an overbearing, berating individual that drives away more potential Canard enthusiasts than you could imagine and done huge damage to the reputation of these airplanes.
I've been here for longer than I care to admit as well, but I'll disagree with you that the membership here is EXCELLENT regardless of those who have left us (for whatever reason, but mostly due to selling, retiring, or passing on).

Still, I cannot argue your perception and agree on the importance of your points (reputation of the aircraft supported by an educated, enthusiastic and positive community).

This topic came up at OSH when former moderator of this forum Walt Bellue stopped by our airplanes.
I know Walt, and I'll talk to him about that.

It inspired me to ask every Canard person I ran into the rest of that week what they thought of the current state of the Canard Forum and the resounding answer was, “Ugh, no, practically a waste of time”. This is why you seldom see others that have been involved with Rutan designs for nearly 40 years on here.
This is anecdotal, and it depends which forum the person answering actually thought you were referring to. In addition to this one, there are about a dozen on Facebook, the Cozy mailing list,,,, and another that has zero activity.

The problem is that we are so disjointed and can't get out of our own way with some of this stuff. We need to get along better, although this implies we don't -- we do; the not-getting-along part is the absolute exception from my point of view.

So much corporate knowledge out there yet this forum has lost its ability to be inclusive because one person wants to prove they’re smarter than the rest of us.
I don't agree with this. I and many others read Marc's posts with interest. Marc is smarter than me in many areas, and I appreciate that. I have also had exchanges with Marc where I thoroughly disagreed and left knowing (in my mind at least) that I was more correct than him.

If you want to ban me...
Only spammers and hackers are banned. The thought hasn't crossed my mind.

...for pointing out the elephant in the room that’s fine. I’ll just join the ranks of all the rest that shun this forum because of what it’s become.
I'm not seeing the elephant you are, and I certainly do not want anyone to shun the forum.

I got better things to do, like run an organization that helps promote Rutan designs through positive energy.
Please keep in mind that we all have other things to do.

If you are not satisfied with the forum I will gladly refund your membership fee 😉. Everyone, please keep in mind that this is a free service run and contributed to by volunteers. Some members have business services to offer, and their biases should be clear to anyone with any level of awareness -- you're included in this group too Ryszard, along with Marc Zeitlin and David Hanson.


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