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Bruce Hughes


I totally agree with Ryszard.

I have depended on this group for help
for many years.

Sometimes I get help on questions but
sometimes I don't.

I have a legal airplane since the hours are
flown off and right words are in the log.

I want to make it better; would ask questions
but I am afraid to do that.

I need to trim some weight (from me and the
Longeze, too).

At least I don't have a cooling problem on the
oil or cylinders.

Bruce Hughes

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< is entirely reasonable – and welcome – for anyone dealing with this BUSINESS to give a review.>

You’re wrong Jon. The person who posted that “Vendor Warning” had no direct dealing with the “business”. That’s why I keep pointing out that this has nothing to do with safety.

This would be totally different if the purchaser of the SQ had made that post.

I’ve been on this forum since it’s inception way back in Compuserv. Over that time span I’ve seen this forum turn from a clearing house of information fostered by enthusiastic, positive people to a podium for an overbearing, berating individual that drives away more potential Canard enthusiasts than you could imagine and done huge damage to the reputation of these airplanes. This topic came up at OSH when former moderator of this forum Walt Bellue stopped by our airplanes. It inspired me to ask every Canard person I ran into the rest of that week what they thought of the current state of the Canard Forum and the resounding answer was, “Ugh, no, practically a waste of time”. This is why you seldom see others that have been involved with Rutan designs for nearly 40 years on here. So much corporate knowledge out there yet this forum has lost its ability to be inclusive because one person wants to prove they’re smarter than the rest of us.

Just remember that old saying about what you call the guy who graduated at the bottom of his class in med school. Same applies to engineers.

If you want to ban me for pointing out the elephant in the room that’s fine. I’ll just join the ranks of all the rest that shun this forum because of what it’s become. I got better things to do, like run an organization that helps promote Rutan designs through positive energy.


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Regarding the specifics of the ‘Vendor Warning’ topic. David Hanson, the business, is not being personally attacked. He is offering business-related services for which it is entirely reasonable – and welcome – for anyone dealing with this BUSINESS to give a review.. If David Hanson wishes to address these comments relating to his business offering he is more than welcome to join the forum and reply.

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