modifing the upper surface between canopy lip and upper cowling

Bruce Hughes


Years ago I bought a "90% finished"
project.  The entire structure was
done before I got it.  But I did make
cowling.  It is much too heavy.  My
crappy cowling will be replaced some
way to reduce the total weight.

I bought a good replacement upper

The cowling can be used but I have
to modify the area between the
canopy mating edge and the
cowling lip, with foam and
fiberglass as it is 3/4" too low
on the top.

Looked through the RAF plans very
carefully.   I cannot find any info on
the construction of the area.

It must be there.   Where ?

I need to raise the surface from 3/4"
on the upper surface to less to none
on the sides.  I am thinking of a
flexible 3/4" or 1" sheet, wrapped
over the wet epoxy covered surface
and let set up, then sanded to shape.
Is this possible with polyurethane
foam?      Or polystyrene foam ?

I think blue styrofoam is too stiff
to get a concave surface and does
now sand to a concave shape.

I will appreciate very much any

I am sorry that my computer sends
2 copies of this.   I'll try to fix that.

Bruce Hughes

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