Instrument Panel

Ben Bennett

I have taken a different approach for my instrument panel.  I can not afford a Garmin or Dynon glass panel.  I am going to be using 2 ipad's installed in the panel that will be removal but will be powered with aircraft power. I am using Wingbug to provide my 6 pack of instruments which displays on the ipad.  The Wingbug was designed for use on sport type of aircraft attached to a wing strut.  It transmits wi-fi to the ipad and is battery powered.  I am working with the Wingbug guys to connect mine directly to my aircraft power and mount it in the nose cone of my Cozy.  I using a Stratus 3 ESGi for my transponder and ADSB in/out.  I will be using a Trig TY96/A radio.

I would appreciate comment positive and negative about my approach.

Ben Bennett

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