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If memory serves me correctly, Petit is a paint for  those of the yachting persuasion. Try Jamestown distributors. I think that they are selling it for 98.71 per gallon

They have all kinds of great paints and a library of YouTube how to videos

Consider rolling and tipping


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Where do I get this paint?

Jerry Hardesty

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Hi guys,

I painted my main gear fairings and wheel pants with Petit EZpoxy and had great results. It's a miracle how this stuff smooths itself out. From 5 feet away it looks great. The beauty is it goes on with foam rollers from Home Depot and all the paint goes on the plane. My airport frowns on spraying as well. I wrote this up in central states a few years ago and can forward that article once I get home in a week or so.

I'm on the road for work now and don't have my laptop with me.

0-320 Long EZ 1570 hrs.

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