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Phil Kriley

Great advice everyone!  Thank you!

Phil Kriley

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I just went through the pain of painting my plane for the second time. The first time the paint job really sucked. Here are the things that I learned and did. This is not the only way to do things, this is just my experience.

The first key is prepping the surface. Use a flashlight in low light at a really low angle, and all those little imperfections will just pop out.

Bought a good pressure pot paint gun. I have used several gravity feed guns, but painting upside down under the wings and fuselage really causes these to have issues. The first pressure pot gun I bought from Harbor Freight was piece of junk. Leaked from every connection. After several frustrating hours, I tossed it in the garbage, don't waste your money. (This was part of the first paint job being horrible)

The one I purchased and recommend is:

A good compressor is a must. I then put a pressure regulator on the output of the compressor. This may not be necessary, because the gun itself has an air output limiter, but I had it so I threw that on.

I then had to learn technique and tune the setup. I found a video online that talked about practicing with water based acrylic paint from the craft store. $10 a gallon, and water based. I bought some of that and added some water to thin it and got a bunch of cardboard to practice on. This worked out great, highly recommend this for anyone trying to learn to paint. Cheap, no noxious fumes, completely safe, and clean up with water. I spent over an hour spraying with different pressures and paint flow.

I finally settled on 15psi in the paint pot, and 30 psi from the compressor. The two controls on the gun had wide open air output and almost wide open paint output.

Used PPG paint and mixed according to their instructions.

The paint job turned out great. I still had a few dips and a sag, but hey, I'm an amateur. With a little light sanding and some wet sanding a a few places, it will look fantastic.

This worked for me... your mileage may vary.

Jack Prock

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I have a car paint store nearby that gives lessons. Usually local high schools have weekend or evening 6 week classes for things like that. 

With practice you cam shoot paint well. All the car paint systems give ratios of reducer, hardener, etc online and the proper gun and pressure or the store can tell you. 

Greg Norman

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I also would like to learn to paint.  I bought a good compressor and a spray kit from Lowe’s but my results to date are not as good as I can get with a rattle can.  I hoped to attend two sessions at OSH this year but had to miss the Monday sessions.

Where can I learn how to spray?  Or is it like left to the pros?

Phil Kriley

On Aug 1, 2019, at 4:40 PM, 'Andrew Anunson' via COZY Builders Mailing List <cozy_builders@...> wrote:

Tim Andres wrote:
Prime, sand, inspect, fill, prime, sand, inspect, fill.....lather repeat as necessary, so yeah, do that while its upside down.

What do you fill with after prime?

Kent Ashton wrote:
I would certainly paint it upside down.  It’s not fun painting on your back in protective gear, even with a pressurized paint-pot.

Do you recommend a pressure pot system?  I need to Zolatone, Prime, and Paint.  I may want to redo old cars as my next hobby, so I need to learn to paint.

Greg Norman wrote:
I primered mine upside down. Why not prep sand it too.. So much easier on the arms. You can spray color on its belly right side up pretty easy with a good modern gravity spray gun.

OK Sounds Great!!!

Tom Brusehaver wrote:
If the engine stand is oriented right, you can point the nose almost 45 degrees up. Then painting underneath is fairly easy.

Good to know!  I will remeber this for the paint....

Thank You All for your replies.... Do I need to hire a painter or can I pull off a "20 footer" paint job on my own?
Andrew Anunson

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