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OMG. Is Tim correct on this one!  Best story I have got is with my buddy Chris Richards, this goes back a few years ago, He had brought out his newly refinished I believe 1968 Firebird, it was beautiful!  I said to Chris, WHO did the paint job?  Chris looked at me with a really weird look and said “who cares, I did the body work”!  Well I never forgot that and when I started the body work on my VariEze I began to realize just exactly what Chris had meant by his comment.  When I was about finished with the body work and putting the plane in primer, I ran into Chris at the airport one day and told him I owed him an apology!  Another weird look and he said “for what”?  I said “do you remember when…..”?  He said “yeah”, and then I said “well I know now just exactly what you meant that day and I have learned a very valuable lesson”.  Being Chris he looked me square in the eye and said that there was no apology necessary with a big smile on his face.  Moral to the story, the more experience you get in building these planes or anything for that matter the greater your appreciation for the effort put out when you see it!




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You should guide coat it and block sand after prime, if you do you'll find plenty of new flaws you didn't know about. 

Painting is the easy part, its the work you put in beforehand that makes the paint job. 

Tim Andres


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Tim Andres wrote:

Prime, sand, inspect, fill, prime, sand, inspect, fill....lather repeat as necessary, so yeah, do that while its upside down.


What do you fill with after prime?



Kent Ashton wrote:

I would certainly paint it upside down.  It’s not fun painting on your back in protective gear, even with a pressurized paint-pot.


Do you recommend a pressure pot system?  I need to Zolatone, Prime, and Paint.  I may want to redo old cars as my next hobby, so I need to learn to paint.



Greg Norman wrote:

I primered mine upside down. Why not prep sand it too.. So much easier on the arms. You can spray color on its belly right side up pretty easy with a good modern gravity spray gun.


OK Sounds Great!!!



Tom Brusehaver wrote:

If the engine stand is oriented right, you can point the nose almost 45 degrees up. Then painting underneath is fairly easy.


Good to know!  I will remeber this for the paint....



Thank You All for your replies.... Do I need to hire a painter or can I pull off a "20 footer" paint job on my own?

Andrew Anunson


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