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Chrissy and Randy, who's that?

Jambalaya has the Y in it, no Y's in Chrissi or Randi =)
So glad you enjoyed the Jambalaya so much, very concerned about your health leaving it out overnight outside a porta-potty (cringing actually).
Just goes to show that the right amount of Cajun seasoning can kill anything that ails you =)
Credit for the Jambalaya should go to Bob Tilley, he was the original owner of the big cast iron rig it was fixed in and he brought the recipe back from Baton Rouge where he lived and worked a number of years, he studied his jambalaya craft under a master. We bought the cooking rig from him and tweaked the recipe (hid the Tony Chachere's seasoning from Bob's heavy hand) and collaborated with Bob. Thank you Elizabeth for assistance with the local Kroger's affiliate market for the excellent ingredients as well though we did have to haul the nearly 30 lbs of andoille sausage from St Louis because the Osh locals are into brats and that would have been unthinkable.
We were sort of gobsmacked when we asked the crowd i they preferred the jambalaya or the spaghetti. Was the spaghetti that bad or just getting old? I can eat jambalaya maybe twice a year, I do love it but I have limits. Spaghetti on the other hand is Wednesday night, every Wednesday night. Never tire of it.
We will probably do the jambalaya jam again next year, an tweaked version of this year's.
Thank you for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it that much!
...Chrissi & Randi

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Loved the jambalaya !!

Just finished my last serving of the " take home " batch !

Mercy ! You guys could sell this stuff !

I carried a very warm bag back to my car but stopped off at the John on the way. I left the zip lock on the ground while I was busy, and after my relief, I forgot it and drove home. Next day, it was still where I left it ! !

So I picked it up and put it in the car !

Maybe it's better after a night " chillin' " on the ground ! ! !

Thanks so much !

Your efforts were very much appreciated !

Good food, fun and fellowship ! !


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